All Industrial Coatings products are designed to bring a specific purpose and effectiveness to the table.
The choice you make ultimately impacts the quality of your finished project and the value invested. We can help you make the right choice.
How we can service you:
The ALK family of alkyd enamels offer good durability while remaining cost effective. Factory package colors as well as custom matched colors are available. Most CPC alkyd topcoats may be applied as a one component product for easy use.

ALK200 is a very fast dry enamel that is ready to be applied directly from the can. No reduction is required and the addition of a hardener is optional. ALK 200 produces a glossy finish but can be flattened if necessary for matching purposes. This topcoat may be purchased in gallon cans or five gallon pails as well as aerosols. Ideal for jobs that require a fast turnaround with minimal cost, ALK200 is a popular choice.

Another popular alkyd enamel is ALK300. It offers enhanced durability with 3.5 compliance. Packaged at a higher viscosity, this topcoat may be brushed or rolled as well as sprayed via conventional or HVLP equipment.

Factory pack colors are available in the ALK FP series. These include popular colors such as Caterpillar Yellow, John Deere Green and others.

If exceptional durability is a priority, then the AUE series is the product to use. These two and three component topcoats offer outstanding gloss and color holdout while keeping within environmental regulations. AUE 100, 300 and 360 offer the same color options as the ALK topcoats but add the benefits of a catalyzed urethane. AUE370 gives you a direct to metal option, virtually eliminating the need for priming on many jobs.

If primer is a necessity, api has you covered there, as well. Inexpensive shop coat primers and alkyds give you a fast dry for quick turnarounds with good adhesion and corrosion resistance. Most of these primers come packaged at a ready to use consistency and can be tinted to enhance topcoat coverage. For even better adhesion and protection, epoxies are the answer. A variety of epoxy primers for different applications are available. EEP primers are one component 3.5 VOC epoxies. You get an easy to use, high-film build primer that can be sanded. For the ultimate in corrosion protection, the CRE series is hard to beat. A catalyzed polyamide epoxy, CRE primer is tintable, high-build and gives unbeatable value.

Beyond industrial coatings, api carries the PPG Delfleet finishes. These coatings are designed for the fleet refinisher. Color matched to factory specifications, Delfleet gives the customer unsurpassed gloss and durability in an easy to use system. Primers, sealers, basecoat/clearcoat and single stage colors for every application are available. Delfleet Essential is one of the most cost effective and user friendly products offered.

With all the choices the customer has when selecting the correct product, a little confusion is common. We can help you. Whether you're painting a lawn mower or a locomotive, with over 40 years in the paint and refinish business we can give you the experience and technical expertise to get your job done right.
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